Wedding in Novi Sad

You all know Tijana by her beautiful voice and songs, and also from eurosong and great live gigs. She is one of the most beautiful voices from Serbia. I met her a few years ago – when she invite me to a live gig on Danube park, so we had couple of shootings together and stay in touch …  Tijana fell in love, with Mark Robertson, a great guy from Boston, who is also amazing singer 🙂 They met when he was in Serbia few years ago, to sing back vocals for Vlada Georgijev. In first they became friends, and step by step, they fall in love and they get married in Boston.  Tijana and Mark organise a wedding in Serbia for Tijana’s family and friends. Wedding ceremony was in Karlovci, in the beautiful Orthodox Church, and the party was in Skipper Yachting CLUB in Novi Sad. The day after the wedding, we photographed editorial shoots and recorded two new video clips that you can check at the end of the post … 🙂 I hope you enjoy these photos and music … And for my dear T&M, I want you to make global careers, record some great albums, and to love each other until the end of time
PS: I can’t wait for you to come back to Serbia, and have amazing concert … Love You Guys XO.XO


Special thanks to my friend ph.Drazen Žigić for sharing this experience with me 🙂

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