Wedding in Sr. Karlovci

The beautiful wedding was organized by lovely couple Biljana and Joan in the great orthodox church and in the hotel Danube in Karlovci. Biljana and Joan live and work in Barcelona, and this event was more than emotional because Biljana recently lost her father.

Preparation was started at the Salon Gavrilov, and after that at Biljana’s family house in Kamenica. Each corner of the house had a personal seal and some significance, whether it was souvenirs from travels, pictures, and other details, which always bring back memories. Joan was getting ready for a big moment at the Vojvodina Hotel in the center of Novi Sad.

After his preparation, all the guests were gathered for the church wedding in Karlovci and the wedding was amazing. After the church wedding, a civil wedding took place on the beautiful open terrace of the Danube Hotel.
Everyone was emotional and Biljana was also crying during the civil wedding, and someone from the crowd of guests, was loudly “insist” on “THE SPANISH KISS”, and that was put back a smile on everyone’s faces.

A couple of days after the wedding, we took photographs at the Petrovaradin Fortress so we had a great time and we recorded some great moments …

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