Sevenfriday – Fotografisanje kampanje sateva brenda iz Švajcarske

Ad Campaign

Swiss brand SEVENFRIDAY inspiration for their line of luxury watches found in industrial design. The brand is for less than four years achieved great success in the world market with a presence in 90 countries and over 700 shops. Zlatara Andrejevic, SEVENFRIDAY official partner, in cooperation with the agency M2Communications, the “event” space FABRIKA organize party and photo session, that has hosted about two hundred guests.

Projekat: Ad Campaign Shooting
Brend: SevenFriday / Swiss
Produkcija: Inspire Shoots / M2Communications
Agencija: M2Communications
Fotograf: Rale Radovic
Kreativni direktor: Miro Antic
Model(i): Ana Vrcelj, Kristina Nikitovic, Zorana Vorgucic, Jovana Tomic
Video: Talijan Films
Posebno Hvala: M2Communications
Lokacija(e): Club Fabrika / Belgrade
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