Pray Eyewear | Fotografisanje modne kampanje sunčanih naočara / New You

Fashion Campaign

First campaign for brand Pray Eyewear we shoot in Novi Sad with group of great models, Danijela Crnogrorac, Aleksandra Skrbic and Pavle Anusic. Those young guy is friends in real life so we have a great time and vibe. Creative director for campaign was Bojana Ugresic, and she also did a makeup and styling.

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Project: Ad Campaign
Brand: Pray Eyewear
Production: Inspire-Shoots
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Creative Director: Istok Radovanov
Stylist: Bojana Ugresic
Model(s): Danijela Crnogorac, Aleksandra Skrbic, Pavle Anusic
Location(s): Novi Sad
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