Bata Spasjović / Sbs Indivividual | Fotografisanje modne kampanje


Great Serbian fashion designer Bata Spasojevic who is celebrating 15 years of its work was the closing show on 32. Belgrade Fashion Week. After the show we shoot some models at the backstage for Mogul magazine. It was fastest work that i did, we provide this images for actually 15-20 min. top. And special thanks to Milan Djakov and Dusan Stojancevic.

Project: Belgrade Fashion Week Campaign Shooting
Fashion Designer: Bata Spasojevic
Production: Inspire-Shoots
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Model(s): Click Model Agency
Special Thanks: Zepter Creative Media, Milan Djakov, Dusan Stojančević
Location(s): Bel Expo Center / Belgrade
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