Ivana & Bojan

Wedding in Subotica

This Photo-story is about the love of two young, successful and creative people and they amazing wedding day. After many years of long distance relationship Serbia-Germany, they managed to organised this great celebration of love. Near Subotica at the ranch, “Djordjevic”, they prepare a party to remember for their family and friends  …  I was have the opportunity to meet Ivana and Bojan, at the wedding that I photographed earlier for bride friends from college. For me it’s always pleasure and blessing to work with creative people like them. Bojan is engaged in creative work and Ivana is the designer for jewellery & details from filtz and the owner of the brand Mustrica that you can check in the link below the photos. Following her work on social media I was so excited. I was expecting that this wedding will be a creative, colourful and like a fairy tale. Ivana has designed all the details and decoration and of course exceeded all my expectations. Completely insane! (in the most positive way). Everything was perfect, outfits, bouquet, decorations, sweet table, ceremony in the rose garden, scenography, and a great band who later made a great atmosphere.We had great time in the photo-session on Fruska Gora – national park few days after the wedding, and the Groom survived session – (All For Love) – 😉 … For the end the session Ivana wore a dress from her mother in which she got married 🙂 How cool they agree? … IV & BO,  you’ve got a beautiful wishes from all family and friends, and I wish you to always be happy as you were on your special day. … xo. xo. – Until we meet again on another wedding or in the city  i send you best wishes, lots of love and hugs 🙂 PS: For all of my future bride’s if you need a decoration for your party … you know who to call 🙂  This Bride Rocks !!!!Ivana & Bojan

Fotograf: Rale Radović
Videograf: Talijan Films
Organizator – Planer Venčanja: Tandrbal
Dekoracija / Cveće / Scenografija: Tandrbal
Mesto događanja: Salađ Đorđević
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podelite :)

4 thoughts on “Ivana + Bojan | Fotografisanje venčanja u Subotici”

  1. Ivana Ilic

    Posle nekog vremena ponovo prozivljavamo sve i vracamo se Danu, jaooooo koliko je sve bilo lepo! Hvala ti na uhvacenim trenucima, zabelezenim uspomenama, hvala ti na divnoj prici koju si nam posvetio. Hvala ti na Danu koji ce preko tvojih fotografija ostati vecno zabelezen u nasim zivotima! Sjajan si u svom poslu, bilo je zadovoljstvo stajati ispred tvog objektiva<3
    Hvala Rale,

  2. Rale Radovic

    Hvala draga Ivana, bilo je zadovoljstvo saradjivati sa tako kreativnim i pre svega opustenim ljudima, hvala na komentaru i prilica da napravimo ovakvu posebnu pricu 🙂

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