Wedding in Montenegro

We pack our suitcases and gear and travel to Montenegro to photograph the beautiful wedding of Darija (The Bride) and Tomo (The Groom), who invite us to save their most significant memories. They are young, successful, fashionable, great looking and genuinely nice people. We had an astonishing time and excellent weather for the end of this season. We have the opportunity to meet Tomo, 4-5 years ago when he was our main model in the fashion campaign for the brand Pray Eyewear. We were so thrilled when he gives us a call to capture his and Darija special day.

Produkcija: Inspire Shoots
Fotograf: Rale Radovic
Videograf: Dusan Stojančević
Venčanica: Ines Janković / Ines Atelier
Mesto događanja: Hotel Palas / Petrovac / Montenegro
Lokacije: Petrovac / Hotel Palace
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