Wedding Photography

My dear, first of all I want to congratulate You from my heart on your engagements, and wish you all the best of luck for this special occasion. This is a special day in the lives of all people who decide to take this step and represents the coronation of love, and the beginning of a new family. Also, it's a special day in the lives of all your friends and families and as such needs to be remembered and recorded. Our approach for a wedding photography services is pretty simple and honest. You can look at our offer and choose a package that suits your needs, and also check out our schedule, because we do limited weddings in the year. Thanks, Love Rale.


Depending on your wishes, needs and size of the wedding, there is an additional photographer. He also photographed a complete wedding with me, is largely responsible _ photographing guests, also if the bride and groom prepare and carry out the same time in two different locations, additional photographer will be at one of the locations. During the wedding in order to follow up on every detail, added photographer will be in charge of photography for guests, until I am shooting all the time during your party


In the package you will get a slideshow and online photo gallery that you can share with friends and family via social networks.


If you making Wedding in Serbia and choose the option with selling images for your guests on the wedding day,
 the selling price for printed image for your guest is 200 din (serbian currency) 13x18cm, for best-man 150 din (serbian currency) 13x18cm and for the parents 100 din (serbian currency)

Wedding Photo Book

It’s so beautiful to store somewhere photos as a treasure in a box, to look back on in years to come, and live that day again and again, remembering those special memories. There’s nothing like holding your very own tangible custom wedding book. Physical memories carry their own special kind of emotions. I love photo books and I believe in the importance of printing photos! The price for each Photo Book is formed for 40 pages. The formats of Book is 30x30cm that can have approximately 100-150 photos for great and large view of images. You will receive a custom design of Photo Book online, so you can give us feedback before printing process.

Wedding Photo Book