Fashion & Ad Campaigns

Fashion photography — in the form of magazines, books, ad campaigns, billboards, and online — rules everything around us. it reflects a lifestyle, an attitude, and a story comprised of the subject(s), location, styling, make-up, hair, and photographer's vision. With complete production services in fashion and advertising photography, we create a unique service and visual presentation and campaigns of our clients and clients who need our help or consultation in the field of branding, campaigns, editorials, catalogs and the visual identity that we design for you.

We present your brand at a highest level, because we know that the first impression is the most important. Guided by this, we have gathered the greatest artist’s in the field of fashion industry, the best stylists, make-up artist, hair-stylists, creative directors, organizers, scenographers cinematographers, with many years of experience and excellent references, in order to provide the best results and services because for a great campaign, every segment is important. The locations where we can prepare photo & video sessions are located in Serbia, interior, exterior and studio. We also have the option to create concepts in any territory of Europe where in that case, we give the suggestions, based on the budget, and we can choose the most adequate locations that aesthetically accompany the story of campaigns. The diversity of aesthetics, gives us the ability to create different types of concepts and stories, while post-production provide a space for creating diversity and different views on each concept, as well as the maximum result of the exported material.

Bojana - Spring/Summer 2018