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Fashion Campaign - Bojana Ugresic - Collection: Touch Of Heaven 2019/20 by Rale Radovic - Inspire-Shoots

Fashion & Ad Campaign Photo Shoot

Our photography— in the form of magazines, books, campaigns, billboards, and online — can be seen everywhere. They reflect a lifestyle, an attitude, and a story that is complemented by our vision.

We can present your brand at the highest level because we know that the first impressions the most important. Guided by this, we have geared artist in the field of fashion industry, the best makeup artist, hair stylist, creative directors, organizers, set designers, cinematographers with many years of experience and excellent references in order to provide the best results and service because for great results every segment is important.

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Creative process !

In order to work productively and efficiently, we have developed a creative concept to accomplish tasks within the agreed deadlines

1. Consult & Plan / Ppm

We match and personalize each individual component to ensure each project is executed efficiently and exceeds expectations.

2. Inspiration & Feedback

Thinking one step ahead to get the perfect INSPIRATION and offer outstanding solutions for our client needs. The inspiration is found in people, their energies, stories, emotions and also in art, music, movies, fashion, architecture, travels...

3. Research

We have options to create concepts in any territory of Europe. We can choose the most adequate locations that will aesthetically fulfill the visual sense of the campaign.

4. Implementation

We strive to secure the best and appropriate teams for each project and brand, whether large scale campaign or editorial

5. Development

Depending on our clients preferences and needs, we can select options from our offer that fit into the budget for the campaign. Our creative team will suggest the locations, models, and we can also provide and hire assistants, drivers, transportation, catering, extras, set-designer, florist …

6. Process

We work closely together with our clients, supporting and developing at each stage of the creative process from the concept to completion. Our clients can make a selection of the materials vary easy in our photo selection system. Once all is approved, we can start post production.

7. Post - Process

Finalization of the projects starts with editing, retouching and creative developing. After we finish complete creative work, we put all the material in password protected clients gallery on our website and send a email with description how to download full resolution material.

8. Project Timeline

Promo Video !

Check out our exclusive making of videos of creating Fashion Campaign. Look behind the scene and discover how we do it!

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Touch of Heaven

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