Rale Radović

CEO, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Love and passion is my motive that keeps me going and guiding trough life. I love art, fashion, design, architecture, music, movies, but before all of that i love my job, that gives me the opportunity to be creative and to have a purpose. As someone who finished art school - fashion and textile design, i'm always inspired with simple forms, minimalism, lights, colors, and beauty in general. Thanks to my job, I travel all the time and spend time with incredible people and enjoying to meet new culture and exploring

My Philosophy

Things that I emphasis and think I’m really good in, is my sense for people. I know that everyone have a different energy, and i can translate that in to my photographs. I know the moment that i just need to silently taking shots and catching moments, and when i can make a difference, that means a lot in the visual and aesthetic way with my suggestions and personal style. Also i believe that i can get close to perfection and get the best possible results’ trough hard work and dedication, because i constantly learn and improve myself and i’ll always be better now, than I were yesterday.

My Work

With my authentic approach to business, I engage with each project uniquely and curate each experience to match the specific needs of my clients in the field of fashion and design industry. Although fashion remains my primary focus, its distinctive service and expertise are valued in many other areas of the luxury and design industry, including accessories, beauty and cosmetics and jewelry.

My Story


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