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Editorial & Wedding Photographer

Love and passion is my motive that keeps me going and guiding trough life. I love art, fashion, design, architecture, music, movies, but before all i love my job, that gives me the opportunity to be creative and to have a purpose. Thanks to that, I travel all the time and spending time with incredible people and i create images from high fashion projects to the great wedding love stories. Things that I emphasize and think I'm really good in, is my sense for people. I know that everyone have a different energy, and i can translate that in to my photographs. I know the moment that i just need to silently taking shots and catching moments, and when i can make a difference,  that means a lot in the visual and aesthetic way with my suggestions. Also i believe that i can  get close to perfection and get the best possible results' trough hard work and dedication, because i constantly learn and improve myself and i'll always be better now, than I were yesterday.

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